In Retrospect

2017 has been a great year.  My long-awaited retirement is working out beautifully, Mom and I are (relatively) healthy, and I feel a sense of contentment I never dreamed was possible. I’m always amazed that some retirees are bored.  I’ve not been bored….not for a single moment.  There’s always something to do; even with all… Read More In Retrospect

The New Normal

I’m still learning what my days are like now that I’m retired.  I still wake up really early (between 5:15 and 5:30), but now I don’t get up right away.  I spend a few minutes with my tablet, checking out Facebook and e-mail.  Sometimes I’ll finish watching whatever Netflix selection I fell asleep watching the… Read More The New Normal

Comfort Food

I woke up a bit under the weather this morning.  Not SICK, really, just a little queasy.  I suspect that the pesto on a pizza Mom and I had yesterday didn’t agree with me.  So today is a “bland” day for my tummy.  Cream of wheat and tea for breakfast….exciting, eh? When Mom asked me… Read More Comfort Food